Group or Self-Paced Instruction?

Synchronous and Asynchronous Explained

group instruction

As technology evolves, the ways to present online learning increase. If the sheer number of approaches seem confusing, you may find it helpful to think in terms of two simple categories—synchronous learning and asynchronous … [Read more...]

5 Levers Of eLearning Design


How can you continually improve the learning experiences you design? Pull these levers a bit more with every new effort. 1. Motivation When you pull the motivation lever, you're committed to connecting with the learner on … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Occupy eLearning


eLearning is getting a bad reputation. Learners, instructional designers and developers are frustrated. It's time for us to stand up and occupy eLearning. It means pushing back, thinking broadly, and innovating. Here are 10 … [Read more...]