ELC 004: How To Write Compelling Stories



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Lisa Cron, author of Wired For Story, is passionate about the power and value of stories. In this conversation, Lisa will convince you that it is through stories that humans survive and it is through stories that people learn. If you are looking for ways to write irresistible stories and scenarios, listen in for advice from a pro who understands how stories bring meaning to our world.


We discuss:wired-for-story

  • Real purpose of stories
  • Dopamine and curiosity
  • Most important element of a story
  • Protagonist’s inner world
  • How to grab attention from the start
  • Pros and cons of story structure
  • First person or third person?
  • Common mistakes in storytelling

TIME: Around 30 minutes



Download the ELC 004 Podcast Transcript.

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  1. Todd Silvius says

    Striking a parallel between story writing and lesson writing – love it. Works for online and F2F learning environments. @08:50 – How can we hook them? Surprise and break a pattern. Love this approach to triggering just enough disequilibrium in the learner to help them intrinsically want explore the why’ness of the broken pattern in pursuit of understanding. This podcast provided another facet in approaching/shaping authentic, project-based assessments. Thank you Connie and Lisa.


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