Stock Photo Sites


Best Paid Stock Photo and Illustration Sites

CrestockGood selection of photos, illustrations and icons.Buy single images or download 20 a day with a subscription. Subscribe to their RSS feed and get one free image a day.
DIY eLearningNice illustrations of characters in different poses. Characters are in medical, business and casual attire.Sold in bundles with multiple characters or packs with a single character.
eLearning ArtGreat selection of people cutouts in professional, casual and medical clothes and also sets of phone people. Backgrounds and silhouettes.One subscription price to download all graphics and templates.
eLearning BrothersPeople Cutouts: Excellent selection of cutout people and illustrated characters in many different poses. Also photos of workplace backgrounds.One subscription price to download all graphic, template and game products.
Graphic RiverInexpensive design elements, such as PowerPoint templates, backgrounds, textures and illustrations.Pay by the graphic. Great prices!
istockphotoThe original member-generated stock photo and illustration site with a good selection of photos, illustrations, Flash animations, video and audio. Buy credits in bundles to purchase individual items or subscribe. Plans are for 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.
Jupiter ImagesHigh quality pricey images. The high-res photos are often used in print.Subscription plans and buy individual photos.
Nuggethead StudiozExcellent set of diverse, hand-drawn characters that can be edited/modified right in PowerPoint.Sold in 16-pose bundles by character or large bundle of all characters packaged together.
Photos.comPopular subscription stock photo site with a good collection of professional photos. Subscription plan or buy individual photos.
Presenter PeopleSeveral illustrated characters dressed in business attire and in various poses. (Could use more diversity) Priced by the package.
ShutterstockOver 15 million photos and illustrations as well as video footage. They also have a free photo and vector graphic every week.Subscription plans or pay for a group of downloads.
ThinkstockAn aggregate of several stock photo services. Though they only offer a portion of the media from other services, the selection is good.Subscription plans or buy images in packs of 5, 25, 100 and 250.
VeerGreat selection of photos and illustrations. Good search filters. Creative illustrations.Buy credits (and save) or pay by the image.

Animation, Clip Art and Cartoons

Animation Factory Large collection (over 500,000 according to the site) of animated clipart and motion designs. Can be used in PowerPoint, video, Flash and websites.Various membership plans.
Caricature KingAn artist caricature site that offers celebrity caricatures.Free for non-commercial use. Must include the site url (which is on the drawing).
Clipart.comLarge collection of stock clipart, some photos and vector illustrations.Subscribe by the week, month or year. (I use clip art to illustrate elements in diagrams.)
iClipartGood collection of clipart, animations, illustrations and fonts.Lost of subscription options.

Medical and Scientific Graphics

A.D.A.M. ImagesLibrary of 30,000 top-of-the-line medical illustrations.Varies by individual image, product line and your usage. It's rarely cheap.
Custom Medical Stock PhotosThis looks like a good selection of medically-oriented photos.Must login or register to get pricing of individual photos.
Health Education Assets Library (HEAL)A digital repository of 22,000 medical education resources, including medical illustrations, animations and photos.Free with registration. [July 30, 2012: Site is temporarily down for maintenance]
Russell Knightly MediaScientific and medical illustration and animation.Varied pricing packages.
Science PhotoImpressive scientific photos and video footage as well as some standard stock in high-res format.Priced by the image. Some products require registration for pricing info.

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