Storyboard Depot

A collection of storyboard templates you can download to use for projects. You never have to worry about how to storyboard again.


Stock Photo and Illustration Sites

On the hunt for stock images? Here is a growing list of sites that provide stock photos and illustrations. The list includes free images, pay-as-you-go sites and subscription services.


PowerPoint Grids

A collection of grids to use with PowerPoint or authoring tools to provide structure to your designs. Size: 720×540.

eLearning Goodies

Miscellaneous items of interest: an eLearning template, some downloadable books and storyboarding tips.

Instructional Design Programs (US)

Here’s the start of a list showing graduate, online, certificate and undergraduate Instructional Design and Technology programs.

Online Learning Demos

See how people are designing and using online learning. Get inspired, grab ideas and help others understand.

Glossary of Online Learning Terms

Definitions of terms you’re likely to come across in the world of online learning. Have suggestions? Send through the contact form.

image editors

Image Editors

Most people need to edit, modify and optimize images at one time or another. This list will help you find and compare applications.


Icon Collections

Even if you’re not building websites, icons come in handy. Use them to categorize information, for mnemonic devices, in menus along with text, and of course, as eye candy.