10 eLearning Freebies

Everyone loves freebies and I enjoy sharing and using them. Here are ten that you might find valuable from comic book art to specialized fonts and templates to an mLearning job aid.

1. Comic Book Characters and Scenes

Design Comics offers illustrated characters and scenes for free. The downloads come in an Open Document Presentation format and also as source files in common graphic formats. The site also includes an example comic. Get comic book stuff.

2. Cartoon Speech Bubbles

To go along with the characters and scenes above or to use with photos, you might want speech bubbles that are more unique than the call-outs that come with PowerPoint. Free Stock Photos.biz offers a nice collection for free download. Get bubbles.

3. mLearning Implementation Road Map

Gary Woodill, author of the Mobile Learning Edge, offers a free download of his mobile learning implementation road map. The road map covers 46 decision points involved in a mobile learning strategy. Get road map.

4. Icon Finder

This website has more than 150,000 icons you can search through and download for free. Use these icons in diagrams and as symbols for categories. Get icons.

5. Handwritten Fonts

This is a nice collection of handwritten fonts that can give your designs personality. They could work well in a scenario inside a speech bubble. These fonts project a casual ambiance. Get fonts.

6. Weekly Graphic, Illustration and Font

Veer Creative offers a different free graphic, illustration and font every week. Registration and login is required. Get graphics.

7. eLearning Templates

Several sites including this one offer free eLearning templates for download. They are 720×540 and fit PowerPoint slides. See the links below.

  • Leather Notebook Template: Articulate’s eLearning Heroes forum (registration may be required) offers a template with a nice looking simulation of the outer and inner pages of a leather notebook. There are other templates available through the forum also.
  • Simple eLearning Template: This is a simple blue/gray/white template I created to share with The eLearning Coach readers. It includes 13 screens that can be embellished or used as is.
  • PowerPoint Template: Wondershare offers free PowerPoint templates that can be used for eLearning purposes.
  • Course Backgrounds: Landmark e-learning offers course backgrounds (registration required)

8. Sound Effects

The Freesound project provides sound effect samples through a Creative Commons license. Registration required. Get SFX.

9. Storyboard Templates

Storyboard templates are the most popular download on this site. There are many to choose from, both visual and text-based that were contributed from your friends in the eLearning community. Get storyboards.

10. Textures

Download free textures from Texture Lovers that you can add to the background of slides or other graphics. It’s best to use textures in places where they will not be more prominent than text or other important graphic elements. Get textures.

Bonus: eLearning Resources

Kineo, a learning technology company, offers many free reports, tips and other resources for learning experience designers on their Free Thinking page. Get resources.

Other lists of stuff (much of it is free):
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  1. Saundra says

    Great list. I’ve been studying and collecting material for a while now. This is a very comprehensive list. I’ve learned so much from your site. Thank you. I’m looking forward to when I can apply some of my learning. I have a Masters degree however had not sought positions, I’m feel hands on expereince and sites like this will out weigh the formal education in the long run.

  2. Connie Malamed says

    Thanks for the kind words, Saundra. Schooling is a good foundation and experience is great for applying what you’ve learned. I think you’ll be happy you have both over time.

  3. John says

    Thank you for these links – really helpful! The comic book characters alone are extremely valuable – so much can be done with them!

    Thanks again!

  4. Doug says

    Great list and wonderful tools. We’re trying to beat the old read and click web based training and these tools along with all the information contained in the links will definitely be benificial.

  5. Connie Malamed says

    Glad you like them, John. I too am feeling inspired by those comic book characters. Have to wait for the right content but can’t wait to use them.


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