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Some people dance with their iPods. I learn with mine. I’m addicted to podcasts because they’ve changed my life. It’s the only way I know to keep up with subjects and topics of interest without taking away from tasks that must be done. I listen while driving, working out and washing dishes.

Although there are many education-related podcasts, there are surprisingly few devoted to eLearning in the workplace. Here are some that might interest you, including a few that are peripherally related. If you have some favorites, please add them below. Must … find … more.

The eLearning Coach Podcast. I started this podcast in 2013 because so many good podcasts for learning professionals have ended. We should always have a few podcasts in our industry to share ideas and keep up with changes. This podcast interviews authors, experts and others who are doing great things that will be of interest to learning architects.

The Toolbar features Brian Dusablon and Judy Unrein as they drink beer and discuss the authoring tool and development side of eLearning. If techie is your thing, you may enjoy listening in to their discussions. Topics have included: beers, Zebra Zap, Captivate, Articulate and the eLearning Guild’s Authoring Tools Report. You can also listen or download at their website.

Brain Science Podcast is a fascinating look at the latest research and ideas related to how the brain works. It’s hosted by Ginger Campbell, M.D. who has an infectious (no pun intended) interest in this topic. Topics have included: Embodiment, Unconscious Decisions, Reading and the Brain, Memory and Cognitive Science. Although Dr. Campbell doesn’t publish as often as she used to, the number of past episodes is great. You can also listen online.

The Accidental Creative is hosted by Todd Henry, author of a book with the same title. In both podcast and book, Henry explores the stresses as well as solutions for individuals and teams who must maintain “creative brilliance” at work all day. Topics have included: best practices for creative professionals, creative leadership, value creep and creative breakthroughs. You can also listen or download at his website.

The UIE Podcast provides “the latest insights from User Interface Engineering on the world of design. Shows include the SpoolCast, Userability and Usability Tools Podcast.” This podcast will broaden your thinking about user interfaces, design, mobile technology and related topics.

Get It Done Guy is hosted by the hyper-excitable Stever Robbins. He relates many wonderful productivity, workplace and life tips in frequent short episodes. Sample episodes include: Being on Time, Choosing a Tool to Mange Your To-Do List, Dealing with Distractions and Easy Multitasking. If you don’t do iTunes, then listen online.

Graveyard Podcasts You Might Still Like

Podcasting is a big commitment and many end after a year or two. Here are some that have ended, but you might still find them valuable.

Xyleme Voices was an excellent podcast hosted by Dawn Poulos of Xyleme Learning but it ended in 2012. Dawn interviewed “today’s top industry analysts, consultants and practitioners in the field of learning.” Dawn’s voice is a pleasure to listen to and her understanding of the industry runs deep. Topics have included: Future Workplace, Mobile Performance Support, Future of the LMS, Visual Learning and Open Education. If you don’t use iTunes, you can listen at their website.

eLearning Stuff was produced by James Clay, a learning Resources Manager at Gloucestershire College. The podcast ended in 2012, but you may still find relevance here. Clay is passionate about learning technologies. His podcasts include interviews and discussions covering a wide range of topics, from Screencasting to iPads to Moodle Migration. You can also listen or download at his website.

A Note about Car Listening

If you don’t have a built-in iPod connector in your car, you need an adapter to safely listen to podcasts while driving. I’ve been happy with my inexpensive Dynex cassette adapter, which seems to work with all types of MP3 players (okay, so my car is so old it has a tape player). And I use the Dynex charger, which works with Apple products only. There are also FM radio adapters of course, but the sound quality might vary depending on your location. If you have a recommendation or solution for car listening, please share it below.

Yes, there are thousands of great podcasts—from This American Life to lectures in iTunes U. This is a short list that I thought you might like.

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  1. Will Findlay says

    Thanks for this great round up of podcasts! I had no idea there were so many good ones related to our field. I’ll try them all out.

  2. Connie Malamed says

    Your welcome, Will. It’s pretty cool, huh? I’d love to do one sometime too. I keep wondering if I’ve missed any though, so, I’m hoping readers will provide new ones if there are more.. Thanks for your comment.


  3. Dawn Poulos says

    Thanks for the mention Connie, I really enjoyed our interview. It’s all of our great participants like you who are willing to give their time and share their knowledge which makes the library so popular, so thank you again.

  4. Bob Church says

    Thanks for the great links. I also use the podcasts to keep up on current events, but have found very few on adult education or educational psychology. The links you’ve provided will be a great help to me.
    I don’t know if these will help, but here’s a link to some podcasts I helped develop for teaching Microsoft tips:


  1. eLearning Podcasts (and a few others): The eLearning Coach…

    [Source: The eLearning Coach] quoted: Although there are many education-related podcasts, there are surprisingly few devoted to eLearning in the workplace. Here are some that might interest you, including a few that are peripherally related….

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