Improve Your Design Skills

for eLearning and Slides

You can get better at design even if you can't draw. Design and art are two different crafts. The truth is, most learning professionals have not been trained in visual design.

Visual Design Solutions Closes the Gap

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Layout images and text on a slide
  • Replace bullet points with graphics
  • Get learners to look at what's most important 
  • Visualize stories, concepts and statistics

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  • It certainly helps that she’s stuffed this book chock full of examples and non-examples...

       Cammy Bean

    Author of The Accidental Instructional Designer
  • Connie’s book does a great job of giving people the basics of a visual vocabulary.”

       Julie Dirksen

    Author of Design for How People Learn
  • An excellent resource useful for anyone in the training, elearning  design, or presentation business."

         Jane Bozarth

    Author of Show
    Your Work
  • It is awesome, filled with great advice for those of us who are visually challenged."

    Karl Kapp

    Author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction
  • A fine piece of work by someone who has a wealth of experience and expertise.

    Ryan Tracey

    Author of eLearning

Connie Malamed

A Word From the Author

"You don't need to draw well to improve at visual design."

Anyone can learn to apply the foundation principles of visual design to their work. You don't need to be an artist. When you apply these principles, your instructional materials become more effective and they look more professional.

My new book, Visual Design Solutions, will show you how to design with intention rather than guesswork. You'll also get new ideas and inspiration for your eLearning courses and training slides.

Connie Malamed (@elearningcoach) is a consultant, author and speaker in the fields of online learning, visual communication, and information design. For 20 years, she has helped clients transform their content into interactive learning experiences. Connie publishes The eLearning Coach website and podcast. She has degrees in Art Education and Instructional Design.