eLearning Freebies


Here are eLearning items that will enlighten, educate or make your work easier.

100 Freebies
100 hand-picked eLearning freebies that you’ll love. A few require registration to download. Please be careful when downloading freebies to be sure there is nothing malicious and remember to read licensing agreements.

Simple eLearning Template
This template should work in any of the PowerPoint based authoring tools, like Articulate Presenter. Includes 13 screens, a feathered title bar and an example. Simple enough to embellish or use as is.

WBT Design Document Template
This template includes the elements you’ll need to create an eLearning Design Document. It was graciously donated by Christian Kearney. (Word format)

Storyboarding and Design Tips
Kindly donated by Michaels & Associates, this booklet covers the basics of storyboarding.

Focus by Leo Babauta
The author of Zen Habits and Zen to Done presents his approach to gaining focus in life with strategies for reducing distractions, simplifying and focusing.

 width= eLearning Strategy from The eLearning Guild
Many organizations need to better identify and document a comprehensive learning strategy and to answer the question, “What should we be doing in order to support improved learning and performance?” This e-Book will help you make a broad, fundamental connection between e-Learning, and your organization’s mission, business objectives, and the bottom line.

Synchronous eLearning from The eLearning Guild
This book is intended for anyone who wants to produce, lead, or promote live, interactive learning events on the Web. There are job aids, references, examples, and information to significantly reduce the amount of time required to produce online learning events.

Twitter For Business
John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing teaches you how to use Twitter, why you might want to use it and provides lots of suggestions on how your company might want to use it.