ELC 009: How To Make Better Explanations


lee-lefever-explanationsWhether you’re explaining a process, product or service, explanations are supposed to make things clear. But they often fail.

Learn how to create effective explanations from Lee Lefever, co-creator of the excellent Common Craft videos. Lee, who is also the author of The Art of Explanation, shares the knowledge he’s gained from years of making short explanatory videos.

Learn about the process they use to create Common Craft videos and how you can get access to the assets they use. At the end, Lee makes a surprising announcement!

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the-art-of-explanationWe discuss:

  • Goal of explanations
  • Self-explanation effect
  • What makes explanations fail
  • How to make better explanations
  • Finding the right level for your audience
  • Using novelty in explanations
  • Overcoming the curse of knowledge
  • Getting agreement with your audience
  • When to use and not use stories in explanations
  • Storyboard and video process Common Craft uses
  • How long people watch videos in “lean forward” mode
  • How to get Common Craft assets

Time: 31 minutes



Download the ELC 009 Podcast Transcript.

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  1. Selma Dawani says

    I really enjoy your site! It is very informative and extremely useful. I started listening to the podcast but zoned out half way through, I am really not good with auditory learning – do you have transcripts of your podcasts? Thanks!

  2. Connie Malamed says

    Funny about the zoning out, Selma. I can do that to people :-)
    I did get some transcripts recorded. They will be posted on the site in September or sooner.


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