ELC 008: Creating A Connected And Engaged Organization


dan-pontefractSmart organizations are concerned with employee engagement. Engagement results from an open and connected culture that promotes collaborative technologies and a pervasive learning model.

In this episode, I chat with Dan Pontefract, author of Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization. Dan champions cultural transformations that promote an engaged workforce. Find out how you can push your organization in this direction.

flat-armyWe discuss:

  • Why organizations are culturally broken
  • What’s wrong with today’s leadership thinking
  • Trust levels in organizations
  • The central thesis of Flat Army
  • Advantages of an open and collaborative work culture
  • How leaders can give up control
  • Symptoms of a disengaged workforce
  • Why leaders aren’t more concerned about the lack of engagement
  • The Pervasive Learning Model
  • How a grassroots effort can make a culture more open

TIME: Around 30 minutes



Download the ELC 008 Podcast Transcript.

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