ELC 006: Creating Virtual Classrooms And Webinars


karen-hyderAre you wondering how to transform in-person training to a virtual classroom? Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your webinars? If so, you’ll want advice from online event expert and speaker coach, Karen Hyder. In this podcast, Karen shares ways to keep your audience attentive and engaged. And she explains how you can minimize the endless issues that can bog down virtual events by never going it alone.

We discuss:

  • Drivers for moving from face-to-face training to virtual classrooms and webinars
  • Types of internal resistance you might get
  • How to overcome resistance
  • Advice for being a first-time producer
  • What’s best? Telephony or VOIP
  • How learners respond to a virtual classroom environment
  • Two best practices for adapting classroom content for virtual
  • Roles required for producing a virtual event
  • Is the producer the wizard behind the curtain?
  • Best practices for being a producer
  • How to read your virtual audience
  • How to use social media in the virtual classroom/webinar
  • The most common mistake to avoid

What tips do you have for making virtual learning experiences a success? Answer in the Comments below.

TIME: 20 minutes



Download the ELC 006 Podcast Transcript.

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