ELC 005: How To Stop Making Boring Videos


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Jonathan Halls, former BBC learning executive and author of Rapid Video Development For Trainers provides awesome tips for designing and shooting video. Whether you’re new to video or have some experience, you’re sure to benefit from Jonathan’s knowledge.

rapid-videoWe discuss:

  • When video is effective for learning
  • How to make talking heads “less boring”
  • Two purposes of B Roll
  • How to use the visual language of video
  • Benefits of creating storyboards
  • Message layers in video
  • Common newbie mistakes
  • Frequency of changing shots
  • Uses for instructional video via social media
  • Considerations when shooting video for mLearning
  • Five functions your video camera should have
  • Complete video setup for $500

TIME: Around 35 minutes



Download the ELC 005 Podcast Transcript.

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  1. Francisco Rodriguez says

    Hi there, I think the link for “Rapid Video Development for Trainers ” its missing, probably the link its not right, thanks in advance :) … and thanks for the amazing info.


  1. […] Videos can also be very intimidating. They require at least some knowledge of how to work a video camera (of some sort), access to and knowledge of video editing software, and a certain level of creativity that can appear daunting at first. I myself have created two videos in the past two years, so I understand these fears and concerns. But, as I discussed with my last post, we have to be willing to learn in order to better our church. This is why I recommend a podcast entitled “How to Stop Making Boring Videos with Jonathan Halls,” which can be found at http://theelearningcoach.com/podcasts/5. […]

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