ELC 015: Don’t Fear The Data


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ellen-wagnerCollecting, analyzing and using big data has become embedded in how governments, corporations and institutions work. It’s now an expected, though often resented, part of our culture. How can this trend benefit the training and education industry? Is there a way we can use big data to make smarter decisions?

In this episode, I interview Ellen Wagner Ph.D., who helps us understand big data and how it can be leveraged to improve learning and development as well as higher education.

Ellen is Partner and Senior Analyst for Sage Road Solutions. She is responsible for learning industry intelligence, briefings, enablement and executive solutions and services. In this capacity, Ellen represents the interests of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education while serving as the Executive Director of their Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET). She is the former senior director of worldwide eLearning at Adobe Systems and was a tenured professor and chair of the educational technology program at the University of Northern Colorado.


  • What big data is and isn’t
  • Why the learning industry should be paying attention to big data
  • Decisions we can we make with big data
  • Problems we can prevent
  • Using data to get follow and get ahead of the trends
  • Why we push back on measurement and evaluation of our work
  • The benefits of being (partially) data driven
  • Patterns that people are finding in learning analytics
  • How to cooperate and share de-identified data
  • Difference between inferential and predictive statistics
  • Experience API

TIME: 30 minutes

Download the ELC 015 Podcast Transcript.


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