ELC 011: eLearning Design Challenges And Solutions


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tom-kuhlmannDo you experience frustrating challenges when designing eLearning? This episode looks at some of the common issues designers and developers face.

Tom Kuhlmann is Vice President of Community at Articulate, one of the most popular authoring tools and communities in the eLearning industry. In this conversation with Tom, we discuss some of the biggest challenges instructional designers face and how to overcome them. We also take a look at some of the things that could be improved in our industry.

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We discuss:

  • Difference between learning experiences and performance support
  • Whether a PDF download can substitute for a compliance course
  • Is a Click Next course ever appropriate?
  • The downside of Learning Management Systems
  • What motivates adult learners
  • The “throw ’em in the pool” approach to instructional design
  • How people use ADDIE in the real world
  • Treatment of employees versus consultants
  • Industry practices that need improvement
  • Ways to increase retention
  • Trends in eLearning
  • News about Articulate products

Time: 42 minutes


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