ELC 001: Finding a Job in Instructional Design


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In this first episode, you’ll get a fresh perspective on job seeking, hiring and finding your career path as a learning architect. Director of Instructional Design, Joe Fournier, provides super advice on starting out or moving to a better position in instructional design, training, and eLearning design and development.

We discuss:

  • Skills hiring managers are seeking
  • How to get experience
  • Making a portfolio
  • Whether an ID degree is required
  • Changes in the field
  • Preparing for the future
  • Pay disparity between men and women


Under 25 minutes


Download the ELC 001 Podcast Transcript

How to start a career in Instructional Design and what it’s like: free 12-lesson email course: Breaking Into Instructional Design.

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  1. Monica says

    Enjoyed the interview with Joe. It was good to hear what a hiring manager might be looking for in an ID job candidate. I am a classroom teacher with a Masters in Instructional Technology who is trying to transition into instructional design/elearning. I now have a starting point for how I can better craft my product, “Me” I look forward to more podcast

  2. Barbara says

    Awesome information in this podcast. Thank you for sending to my inbox, I look forward to more from your site!


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